Getting There


Direct flights are available to Proserpine Airport from Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne for around $120 -$150. Proserpine airport is roughly 1.5 hours from the site location and roughly 40 mins from Bowen.
Options from the airport to the site include car hire, car pooling/ride share or pick up.
For pick up we ask for $30 – $40 per car to cover the cost of petrol.
(please contact us in advance if require pick up)


The event will be held about 45 min drive from Bowen, the address will be given to those registered a few day before the event. Bowen  is just over 1100 km from Brisbane and 2500 km from Melbourne. If you have the space, a good way to share driving is using the car pooling form below.



The Spirit of Queensland Travels between Brisbane – Bowen – Cairns 5 times per week.
Prices start at around $165 per an adult one way from Brisbane to Bowen.


Greyhound Australia operate rugular buses between all capital city’s and most regional centres including to Bowen.

Stop Adani Convoy

Starting in Hobart, Tasmania on April 17, Bob Brown will be leading the Stop Adani Convoy up to Central Queensland. We encourage everyone to jump on the convoy, and stick around at the React Climate Code Red event following the event in the Galilee area on the 29th of April.

Car Pooling

If you are looking for a lift up to the event, or plan on driving and would like to offer a lift please use the form below and Ricky Rides will help you find a match.