About Event

What’s Happening

ReAct will facilitate diverse range of workshops, trainings, actions, skill sharing, activities and entertainment.
The camp operates on a non-hierarchical, consensus structure – meaning everyone contributes to making plans and decisions, while respecting experience. Topics of the workshops and other activities on offer include: Non-violent direction action training, legals, police and media liaison, encrypted communication, security culture, knot-tying, media movie nights, yoga, mindfulness, kombucha brewing, banner painting and more!
There are some incredible musicians and artists who also believe strongly in this campaign and will be joining us on the frontlines for some good tunes and a boogie.

If you have any skills or knowledge you’d like to share through a workshop please let us know! 


ReAct will take place on Birri and Juru country just outside of Bowen, Queensland – near Adani’s proposed Carmichael coal mine site. 

 Airport pick ups are available from Proserpine Airport at a cost of around $40 per car to cover fuel.

Food and other necessities are provided for and by the collective we will form. Contribution of $15/day (unwaged/low income), $25/day (waged) and $50/day solidarity is asked to cover costs. Please speak to people at the welcome tent on arrival if this is unaffordable for you, and we can help make arrangements. If you are able to, please consider contributing more as we are entirely grassroots and volunteer run group.

What to bring

Items needed for camping! There may be some gear you can borrow but this can not be guarenteed, so please bring your own if possible.

Most importantly we need people power – find a friend and bring them along!

If you have space in a car, there are donations and wishlist items that need transporting here. Your family and friends might have these items lying around at home, and would be greatly appreciated here on the frontlines!

Please note, police car searches will likely be common around this event. Please ensure the vehicle you are traveling in is roadworthy, and do not bring any illegal items with you